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OHI Hair Products Offers Targeted Technology for Itchy Scalp, Dandruff and Psoriasis Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 July 2007
Targeted Technology is considered a breakthrough in healthy hair and skin technology. By targeting the cells of the hair and scalp the result is much healthier cells and this means ultimately much healthier hair. For nearly ten years OHI has been using specific and targeted ingredients to tackle the tough hair problems that most manufacturers shy away from. Problems like itchy scalp, dandruff, scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema, dry hair and even problems like gray hair that is happening too fast.

One of the main ingredients used by OHI is a zinc derivative called zinc pca which does an amazing job in cell detoxification and when combined with certain types of aloe the renewal process of the skin and hair cells are maximinized. By targeting the cells that need purification and then feeding the new skin, hair and scalp cells the results are amazing. Remember that healthy hair starts with a healthy hair root and this is actually beneath the scalp. For those that suffer from itchy scalp, scalp bumps, scalp pimples and other scalp related issues purification and stimulation is vital. Very few products on the market work to eliminate toxins from the scalp cells and roots as well as then stimulate blood flow to help develop the cells as they should be. And best of all OHI does not use harsh chemicals to get this done. “Actually herbal extracts have been tested to be more effective in removing the symptoms of these conditions versus the harsh chemicals that tar shampoos and other harsh shampoos offer.

OHI guarantees that you will see the first results in just 3 days. The results get better over time with continued use. Expect complete clearing your hair and scalp related problems. And many people want to use OHI to keep their hair healthy. OHI has been on the cutting edge of shampoo development and was the first to use nutrition related ingredients for optimal hair and scalp conditions. If your hair is premature aging, becoming coarse or if it is thinning or if you are having breakage or splitting then your hair is out of balance. Use OHI to restore balance by using its Targeted Technology. Scalp problems such as dandruff, scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema, baby scalp eczema, scalp bumps, acne on the scalp, dry scalp and dry hair as well as and flakey scalp can all be helped in very short order with OHI. See why hundreds of thousands have used the technology to restore hair and skin to its healthy – symptom free state.

One of the most common problems is dry hair and scalp and this is almost at epidemic proportions. If dry hair and scalp is not treated then advanced problems like hair breakage, split ends and even thinning can occur. To handle this OHI developed Targeted Technology to target and flood the scalp and hair cells with moisture that it can hold and not be rinsed out. Most shampoos simply strip the hair of vital oils and moisture but since these shampoos leave hair full then the customers continue to use. We strongly suggest that quit using those shampoos as they can and often lead to serious scalp and hair problems. OHI guarantees that hair will be fuller, softer and completely free of breakage and split ends within just a 10 day period of use. Most results come sooner than that.

About the Author:
Dave Berry is an experienced member of the team at OHI and can help you with information on how OHI’s dandruff shampoo and other itchy scalp treatments can help. For a complete listing of OHI’s healthy hair products we suggest that visit OHI’s healthy hair section.

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