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Human Growth Hormone: How Does It Work? Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 July 2007
HGH - an important hormone of a human body. Human Growth Hormone, produced by the anterior pituitary gland - may have two major effects on a healthy human body. Both of them are highly positive.

Human Growth Hormone affects other kinds of cells. HGH binds itself to the proper receptors of the cell in order to change the way it works. For example, somatotropin bonded to the HGH receptors of the fat cell is responsible for breaking down triglyceride, thus disabling the fat storage ability of the cell and making it impossible to the fat cells to store circulating lipids.

However, there is also the second thing HGH does: it helps to increase secretion of IGF-1 - an insulin-like growth hormone that causes most of the somatotropin effects related to the growth. IGF-1 exists also naturally, but higher levels of HGH causes to increase its secretion rate, thus making it easier for the body to rebuild and grow.

Because of that, Human Growth Hormone influences also muscles. The hormones are able to speed up the protein synthesis process and visibly improve rate of amino acid accepted and used by the muscle cells. That's why somatotropin is also known to improve the overall tone of muscles and skin.

To sum this up, HGH is known to have major effects on:

Protein metabolism: The hormone improve the rate amino acids are taken up, makes protein production in the cell increased and limits the speed they are oxidized at.

Changes in protein metabolism: Somatotropin allows fat cells to be broken down faster and with less effort, thus increasing the fat burning rate.

Improving carbohydrate metabolism: Human Growth Hormone is one of the many hormones that make sure that the sugar level in the blood is within safe limits. As you probably see now, HGH is indispensable in any healthy body. If we deprive the body of HGH, the muscles will quickly decrease its size, hair will start to fall out, skin will start looking unhealthy and nails will get weaker (hair, skin and nails are 100% protein). What is more, fat will be still stored in the fat cells and you will not be able to get it metabolized no matter how hard you will try. To tell the truth, there are lots of scientists who are sure that Human Growth Hormone is at least partially responsible for most of our body functions, including digestion, sexual activities, proper work of glandular system and the opration of the liver.

It does not really matter whether the hormone is doing its job directly or by assisting other hormones or improving the efficiency of key chemical reactions. The point is that Human Growth Hormone is necessary for wellbeing of the human body.

Despite the beneficial effects of HGH, until now there were no chances for ordinary people to benefit from HGH treatments. As a typical treatment had a price of several thousand dollars, only the richest and most powerful members of the human family had enough resources to benefit from HGH effects.

Fortunately, the researchers working for the companies from the pharmaceuticals industry perfected the method of stimulating the human body's natural HGH production. The Growth Hormone releaser allows the body to create more somatotropin all by itself with no need of external intrusions. This way the HGH levels can be increased to the point of a 20-year old person.

One of the examples of an HGH releaser if GenF20 - a supplement coming from a quality supplement company that is able to induce the production rate of pituitary glands in order to increase their HGH production rate. Then, the Growth Hormone starts to work in a 100% natural way and is transported to all important areas by the glandular system - just like in case of teenagers. This has also another good point: until now, it was impossible to treat patients with HGH in any other way than injection as the hormone molecules are a bit too large to be able to cross the walls of your stomach or bowels. Using supplements allow us to let the body to produce the hormone itself hence freeing us from troublesome treatment methods.

As soon as the glands are affected by the supplement, Growth Hormone begins its beneficial work inside the body. Most researchers who reviewed HGH agree that if there was a Fountain of Youth, it would have HGH instead of water.

Author John Andrews writes about subjects that are important in helping people help themselves. For more information on Gen-F20 and Human Growth Hormone just click on the links.
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