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5 Common Ways To Detoxify Your System For Better Health Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 July 2007
There is no question that toxins are more prevalent in today's world than ever before. We are adding toxins to our bodies on a daily basis. It is important to find a safe way to eliminate these harmful chemicals as quickly as we are adding them. Fortunately there are several methods that are effective.

Butylparaben, Benzene, Bentonite, BHA, BHT, Bronopol and Benzoic Acid may not be in our everyday vocabulary but they are in our everyday environment. We are in daily contact with these chemicals and so many more. The bad news is that there are 25 other letters in the alphabet and just as many chemicals associated with each one.

Luckily our bodies are pretty good at eliminating the harmful chemicals that get added to our systems daily. Most are filtered out in the excretory system through the filtering work done by the kidneys, the liver and sweating. Problems arise when this system of natural detoxification gets overwhelmed by the increasing rate of exposure to toxins. Common problems include digestive and respiratory ailments along with other serious health problems.

Fortunately we can help our natural systems keep up with toxic overload by using: 1-A change in our diets 2-A system of Herbal body wraps 3-Eating special Herbal supplements 4-An established Cleansing plans 5-Regular use of a Sauna

1-Some people change their diets for extended periods of time but more commonly on a short term basis when trying to cleanse their systems. The foods we eat are the source of so much of the contamination we take in. Processed foods are well known for their unhealthy makeup. What is less known is that natural foods like vegetables and fruits can contain herbicides, artificial hormones and pesticides as well as other things.

Many detox diets consist of fasting, eating more organic whole foods including mostly vegetables and drinking lots of pure fluids especially water. These diets will flush out your system but should be used only for short periods of time. It is not recommended that anyone maintains these eating habits for extended periods of time. Some of the essential nutrients needed for a healthy diet are missing and need to be replaced after a detoxification style diet.

2-Clay, salts, water and other ingredients are often used to produce what is known as a body wrap designed for detoxification. Toxins are stored within the cells of the body. The idea is that the salts in a body wrap tend to draw water from the skin and in the process draw out dissolved poisons.

This generally involves lying in a room covered with this mixture for up to an hour or more. There is an easier way that I will discuss later on. It is important to drink plenty of fluids afterwards to replace the water that has been flushed from your body.

3-Herbal supplements, normally in the form of pills, can also be used to cleanse your body. Increasing the level of antioxidants, certain vitamins and minerals can have an effect on the way your body functions. This change can include the more efficient excretion of toxins. It becomes a fairly tricky business when you alter the basic chemistry of your body so before embarking on a journey of this nature be sure to have a complete understanding of the entire process. Your doctor, not just the Internet, should have a major role in whatever plan of action you choose.

4-There are many spas that offer an established program designed to cleanse your body tissue of toxins. They vary greatly but many are a variation of a daily schedule including enemas, liquid supplements and cleansing drinks. The sequence is repeated throughout the day for a period of a week or more. This certainly takes a commitment and dedication on your part since it is usually "a live" in situation. Many but not all of these spas are reputable so some due diligence on your part is required to find an affordable situation that is right for you.

5-My favorite and arguably the easiest (my kind of plan) is the use of a sauna for detoxification. The main way toxins are eliminated is through the excretory system. Elimination of solids and liquid urine are the paths that come to mind immediately. The truth is, however, that the process of sweating also eliminates surprisingly large quantities of fluids. Excessive sweating, as in a sauna, dramatically increases the rate that toxins are included with the sweat. This happens because many of the toxins are found within the cellular fluid.

The first fluids to be "sweated out" come from the fluid surrounding the cells. With excessive or prolonged sweating the fluids within the cells are flushed out to replace the fluids surrounding the cell and the dissolved toxins go along for the ride. There have been cased when individuals have been exposed to very high levels of a specific contaminant and used a sauna to detox themselves. The toxin was eliminated in such high concentrations that they could actually smell the particular chemical as it was excreted in the sweat.

All of these body cleansing detoxification methods work and have their own advantages and disadvantages. The one that is best is, as they say "the one that you will actually use". Today's home sauna options offer such surprisingly low cost and ease of operation that it is no wonder they are becoming the method of choice for so many families. This method is much less harsh and more enjoyable than any of the others. In fact I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that it is the only body cleansing mentioned that anyone would do even if it didn't have the detoxification benefits.

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