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Wednesday, 25 July 2007
The sun with its UV light and what not will not help remove acne as some people are led to believe. The fact that when you exposed yourself to the sun, it causes your skin to reddened and this will give the impression that the acne are less pronounced. Never give into temptation to go and have yourself a suntan during acne episodes as this can only cause your acne to aggravate. The sun can only be a quick solution which will be in later weeks bite you back causing more problems.

The problem with acne is not just confined to teen as even adult cannot fully escape the problems. Taking the wrong type of treatment is something you must avoid as this can make your acne so much severe. Do your research and carefully select the best treatment for you.

Nodular acne and cystic acne are two serious type of acne that not only looks unappealing but also quite painful. Inflammation of the skin in the area underneath the skin is the source of the pain and it can be very difficult to remove. They develop when the contents of a comedo has spilled into the surrounding skin and immune system responds, producing pus. Do not leave the nodular acne alone for too long as the problem may becomes worst and your acne may degenerate into cystic acne. Both nodules and cysts often leave deep scars.

Most people often mistakes the differences between acne papules and pustules as they have similar in appearance. In comparison, acne pustule contains pus and the inflammation is more severe than acne papule. The pus in the middle of the acne makes it quite visible and this will give the whitish tinge and the surrounding skin will be red due to inflammation. The inflammation seen in acne pustule does not necessarily caused by exorbitant amount of bacteria.

The hormone fluctuation which every adult must go through is one of the very first thing speculated to be the cause of acne.Acne formation are caused by oil overproduction triggered by hormone fluctuations. In adults, an excess of the male hormone androgen may cause clogging hair follicles, thus causing a breakout in pimples.

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