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What Are The True Causes of Cold Sores? Print E-mail
Monday, 01 October 2007

We all have heard that stress causes cold sores - but who can avoid stress?  Now, learn exactly how stress causes cold sores and how you can easily protect yourself from future cold sores.


The replication process of the herpes simplex virus is the root cause of all true cold sores. Usually the herpes virus is asleep and hiding inside the nerve cells of the nerve ganglia. Once it senses a weakness in your immune system, it will move quickly to the surface.

Living in your nerves, the cold sore virus is very sensitive to changes in your body. In order to discover what causes cold sores for you, you must understand the basic triggers that activate the cold sore virus.

These are the top three cold sore triggers that you should know about.

1. HOW STRONG IS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM?  Normally, your immune system will be able to keep the cold sore virus in a dormant state. The most important factor in keeping your immune system strong is the quality and quantity of nutrients you get from your diet and from supplements.

If you get cold sores frequently, the first thing you should do is address your nutritional intake. Increase vegetable and fruit intake. Most importantly, start taking a good quality multi-vitamin. This is a must for today's busy life - and it helps make up for the lack of nutrients in the commercial foods we get now.

2. HOW HIGH IS YOUR ARGININE AND LYSINE LEVELS?  These are two amino acids that are important for your daily health. However arginine also is an essential ingredient in the creation of new herpes simplex virus. If there is a shortage of arginine, the virus cannot replicate and the cold sore does not occur.

Actually your cell contain many different and vital amino acids. Each amino acid has a specific use. Arginine and lysine both use the same storage space in the nerve cells. Therefore, the more lysine in the cell the less arginine you will have. Since lysine does not support creation of new virus, increasing lysine in your nerve cells can prevent future cold sores.

3. HOW ACID OR ALKALINE ARE YOU? The herpes virus prefers an acid area for the creation of new virus. The pH scale runs from 1 through 14 with 7 being neutral. Less than 7 and your body starts to become acidified. The ideal pH your body strives for is 7.4 which is slightly alkaline. If you could keep it there, you likely never get sick from any viral or bacterial infection.

Your body usually keeps your pH in a very tight range of 6.5 to 7.4. Do not go crazy on this but keep in mind that most vegetables and fruits will help your body maintain a good pH balance. Do not use this as an excuse to go vegetarian. Carbonated soda and beer are strong contributors to an acid situation in your body - often causing cold sores.

Yes it is true what you may have heard - that stress is the main cause of cold sores.

Why did I wait until now to mention it?  Mainly because it is not stress itself that causes cold sores, but what it does to the body. When you feel any stress, your body tends to go toward the acid side, which causes cold sores.

Additionally, stress uses up nutrients that your immune system needs to remain strong. Specifically, the B vitamins and vitamin C are considered the stress vitamins. These are used up quite quickly with any stress. Also, calcium is depleted at a much faster rate and causes the cells to store more arginine. It is quite the domino effect. This is how stress actually causes cold sores.

Mental and physical stress are equal in causing cold sores. Mental stress sometimes is even worse. It is amazing how many brides, or soon to be mothers, will come down with cold sores. Other stresses that create cold sores fast are head colds, fevers, problems with people in your life and too much sun on that part of the face.

Hopefully you now see how cold sore events are based on the level of health of your immune system. You also now know exactly why stress is called the number one cause of cold sores. This should help you to develop a strategic plan to eliminate the causes of cold sores in your life.

Want more news about what causes cold sores? Be sure to check out Denny Bodoh's excellent information regarding cold sores and some amazing cold sore remedies and treatment tips.

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