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Aga Buyers Action Group Target TRNC/North Cyprus Holiday Home Exhibition Print E-mail
Saturday, 30 June 2007
The AGA Buyers Action Group targeted the Holiday Home Exhibition for distribution Of Their TRNC/North Cyprus Warning Leaflets  A growing group of AGA buyers met at G-Mex Manchester on June 3rd and here is how the day unfolded.

We met with John Howell and Graham Platt from The International Law Partnership, who had kindly agreed to see us. We had a long discussion, and they very interested to hear about the issues AGA buyers were experiencing with Gary Robb, Unwins, Lawyers etc, plus the general lack of support from the TRNC Government. They were very up to speed with our problem which is good news as our predicament is being discussed outside the TRNC and in the best of circles, which is brilliant. They have offered to meet with the Homebuyers Pressure Group when visiting the TRNC, and will see first hand the Amaranta, HzOmer sites and meet people from other developments who have similar problems to AGA, some living in dire conditions due to unfinished properties, no savings etc. sadly the list is endless. They have published articles in journals, newspapers etc and we are hoping they will help publicise our plight. They are going to report back with suggested options they feel as a group we have open to us. They have experience in time share and Spanish property disputes and scams etc. We are under no obligation whatsoever and any advice or new perspective we feel is welcome, especially as our own Lawyers are so economical with information and professional help, for which most have charged extortionate fees.

We believe we have a duty to warn people of the possible dangers of buying in the TRNC and therefore handed out leaflets containing links to important websites that hold useful, factual information. One website is from our very own Foreign & Commonwealth Office. ABAG are in contact with offices both in London and Nicosia, as any support we can obtain must be of benefit, especially if from a British Government department.

We were eventually asked to leave the premises by North Cyprus exhibitors, the promoters and security, but not before we had distributed in excess of 1,000 leaflets and voiced our message  not bad, especially as they had been tipped off by a phone call from Kyrenia that we were coming. We eventually spoke to the TRNC exhibitors who were actually very sympathetic that we had lost money at the hands of criminals roaming freely in their country. We explained that we had no intention of damaging legitimate businesses and any damage was caused by those guilty of committing crimes, ie taking money with no intention of delivering homes, and breaking legally binding contracts. We explained that the TRNC Authorities who allowed this to happen, and who are still allowing fraud and corruption to happen in the TRNC, are also to blame.  We were also told that we would be playing right into the hands of the South, again we explained, not our fault, you need to look to your own Government and the criminal builders, lawyers, estate agents etc, to see who is guilty of playing into the hands of the South. They understood our dilemma and we parted on good terms. We will be staying in contact with them to see if we can build a mutually beneficial relationship. The Publishing Director of Property NC agreed to write an article to publicise our issues which is good news..

If anyone would like printed copies of the leaflet to display in local supermarkets, post offices, to push through letter boxes (residential or business such as overseas estate agents). Or to send to your local newspaper, leave at airports, send to your relatives abroad for distribution, distribute abroad when you go away, hand out at property shows, pin up on staff notice boards, etc etc, please just drop us a line.

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and please take time to look at the following website, built by the offspring of an AGA victim

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