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Healthcare Investment Opportunities: Agency Nursing Overview – Crdentia Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 September 2007

Medical Placement Industry is growing, opening new opportunities for healthcare investors: Nurse placement, Medical Professional contracting – these and others medical recruiting and healthcare investment options will be reviewed in our new series of publications

As the nursing shortage continues, increased tension is added to an already stressful profession. Adding to this stress is the seemingly endless need for involvement in hospital politics. People who chose nursing as their career because they wanted to give direct patient care and experience the rewards in doing so become frustrated. Facilities frequently run short-staffed, requiring nurses to work mandatory weekends, holidays, or “on-call.” Nurses are forced to use vacation or personal leave to compensate for taking low census days at the hospital. One answer to this dilemma can be found in agency nursing.

Why agency nursing? There are multiple reasons. Agency nurses choose their own schedule. They decide when (or when not) to work. Should they choose to take a lengthy vacation, they do it. With the demand as high as it is, overtime is readily available. A nurse can choose to work extra shifts for six months, pulling overtime and saving their money; then take off for a month or more at a time. This benefit is unheard of as a core staff nurse.

The wages are considerably higher. An agency nurse can work twenty-four hours a week and earn income comparable to the staff nurse working forty hours or more. Full time registry nurses are often qualified to receive medical benefits, 401k, vacation pay, and exceptional bonuses. Many agencies even offer education reimbursement to maintain or increase the skills of their employees. As a result, agency nurses earn a higher annual salary while controlling their own schedule.

Agency nursing provides the opportunity to meet new people and experience a variety of units at different facilities. Many times a nurse is able to work for an extended period of time at a particular facility of their preference. If they don’t like a facility, they simply choose not to return. They are not required to work nights if they don’t want to. Again, flexibility is a key element in working registry.

There are numerous reasons for choosing to work registry. Control over schedule and assignment are the strongest benefits to this career choice. The ability to provide more direct patient care, as a result in the agency nurse’s non-involvement in hospital politics may also play a factor. While not guaranteed, agency nurses filling in holes when a hospital is running short allows the nurse the opportunity to focus on the patient, while avoiding floor politics. Their presence on the floor in this time of need makes them a welcome addition to the unit, alleviating the stress on the floor one shift at a time.

Andrew Karasev is technical writer at Crdentia Corp. (CRDT.OB) 800.803.1777, one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare staffing services. Crdentia seeks to capitalize on an opportunity that currently exists in the healthcare industry by targeting the critical Nursing, Physician and Allied Health shortage issue.  Crdentia has locations in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas

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